Victoria's Secret, a fashion-forward lingerie brand, witnessed a considerable decrease in sales after caving in to the demands of the woke crowds and promoting a variety of diverse models, including those representing the plus-size and LGBT communities.

Cathaleen Chen stated that the brand's endeavors to promote inclusivity, such as featuring LGBTQ pro women's soccer player Megan Rapinoe and a transgender woman as brand spokesmodels while discontinuing its renowned Angels supermodels, garnered praise from online reviewers. However, these efforts did not result in higher sales.

According to the New York Post, Victoria's Secret has decided to revert back to using more attractive models in order to address its financial shortfall.

Reportedly, Greg Unis, the president of Victoria's Secret and Pink brand, shared with investors that the company is taking a new direction. In discussing their priorities, he pointed out that they aim to celebrate the diverse experiences of customers and promote inclusivity through sexiness.

The company's CEO, Martin Waters, is said to have conceded that their inclusivity initiatives were not generating profits, noting, "Despite the best efforts of all involved, they have not been sufficient to drive results."