Taylor Swift continues to win over the family of her new boyfriend, Travis Kelce. Kelce's father, Ed Kelce, recently spoke about the first impression he got of Swift and how impressed he was with her down-to-earth personality.

During a recent interview with People, Ed Kelce revealed that he noticed something special about Swift the first time he met her. He explained that they were sitting in a suite during a Chiefs game when Swift got up to get a drink. As she walked into the front room, she began picking up empty bottles, cans, and plates that were scattered around.

Ed Kelce noted that the private family suites tend to get messy during big events, with everyone leaving their empty items wherever they can. But Swift, he said, didn't seem to have any diva-like behavior. She wasn't acting like a spoiled musician who would expect others to clean up after her. This impressed Ed and showcased Swift's humility and down-to-earth nature.

The encounter between Ed Kelce and Taylor Swift occurred on October 12 during a Chiefs game against the Denver Broncos. The camera panned up to the duo, capturing them smiling and laughing while wearing Chiefs gear. In addition to bonding with Travis Kelce's mother, Donna Kelce, Swift was also seen getting along well with Patrick Mahomes' wife, Brittany Mahomes.

Travis and his brother, Jason Kelce, jokingly warned Swift to steer clear of their father during an episode of their podcast, "New Heights." They teased that their dad could be unpredictable in conversations and joked about the potential awkwardness of him talking to Swift.

But despite their friendly teasing, Travis praised his dad as the best dad in the world and clarified that they love to joke around with him. Since getting acquainted with Ed Kelce, Swift has continued to support Travis by attending his games alongside his family and friends.

Swift was most recently sighted at the October 22nd Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers match-up. After the Chiefs' victory, Swift and Travis appeared at a post-game celebration, where she was seen giving him a sweet peck on the cheek.

Swift and Kelce's relationship seems to be going strong, and with the approval of Kelce's family, it looks like they have a solid foundation. Fans will likely continue to see Swift cheering on her boyfriend at his games, further solidifying their relationship.