Kanye West was ultimately found by his ex-legal counsel, successfully terminating any obligation following various trials, sources say.

West, formerly known as Ye, has cut ties with many enterprises after his inflammatory remarks and disputed behavior in the latter part of last year, yet, his legal advisors were obliged to formally alert him before making the severance.

The attorneys at Greenberg Traurig, LLP toiled for months in attempt to trace West, who had apparently altered his telephone number.

As documented in the papers submitted to the court, the legal team made a daring move in buying advertisement space in Los Angeles publications in the hope of grabbing the individual's notice. On January 27, the protracted hunt finally wound up when lawyers managed to trace the individual and serve them papers via a lawyer.

West, 45, is also dealing with a range of legal battles, with Business Insider reporting in November that they had widened to include vast debts owed to music labels and former business partners. Furthermore, the report cited copyright infringement charges levelled against the star for an audio sample on his 2022 album, Donda 2. Additionally, some have brought contract disputes against the singer-rapper, claiming non-payment for services rendered.

Case in point - Thomas St. John, former business manager of West, declared to The Sun in December that it was hard for him to find West in order to serve him with legal papers related to a $4.5 million lawsuit for supposed unpaid fees.

The difficulties tracing West gave rise to unfounded rumors last month that he had disappeared—despite there being publicized photographs of him in LA during the relevant period.

West has recently been surrounded in controversy due to his December 1 appearance on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' show Infowars, with him accompanied by documented white nationalist and antisemite Nick Fuentes.

West remarked that he appreciated Hitler and noted that the significance of antisemitism was not understood until he started propagating stories about the Jewish people in 2022. He added that we must quit denigrating Nazis all the time, noting they likewise did good things.

Jones—who has declared a "Jewish mafia" rules the world and alluding to the "one world government" conspiracy theory constantly espoused by prejudiced groups—occasionally stepped in, proclaiming "we don't condone Nazis."

West's offending comments on social media and in interviews in October and November resulted in being stripped of several high-profile business arrangements, such as those he had with Adidas and Balenciaga.

Recently, Balenciaga has encountered a substantial public relations debacle due to pictures displayed on their website featuring tots gripping the brand's teddy bear purses. The stuffed animals were wearing clothes that resembled bondage wear, such as fishnet shirts, and leather harnesses and collars with studs.

A plethora of public figures have openly expressed their disapproval of the images. Kim Kardashian, ex-wife to West and ambassador for the Balenciaga brand, slammed the visuals, saying she was "horrified" and "shaken" by them and was considering her affiliation with the company.

Just prior to his permanent suspension from Twitter in December amid a controversy regarding antisemitism, West reacted to the Balenciaga scandal by showing his support for the fashion brand in a flurry of tweets. He indicated that falsified claims aimed at damaging brand reputations must be deactivated, noting, "End cancel culture. Jesus please help.", as well as passionately asserting his unswervingly alliance to Demna and the entire Balenciaga squad for all eternity.

West's tweets were in stark contrast to his words when the public outcry against Balenciaga was at its highest in November. "Not one celebrity is discussing that Balenciaga episode," he emphasized to photographers in Los Angeles. "That's an indicator: Celebrities are all held in control by those who put power in the future. Don't let them fool you." It is believed that West has recently married Bianca Censori, an Australian architect working in his clothing line Yeezy, although an official marriage certificate has not been issued yet.