Ricki Lake is providing her fans with an intimate glimpse into her personal health journey.

In recent social media updates, Lake has been expressing gratitude for her body and the empowerment that comes from self-acceptance.

Her most recent post, shared on May 8, features Lake wearing a dress she originally donned back in 2007. Alongside the current photo, she includes an image from nearly two decades ago when she wore the same dress to the premiere of "The Business of Being Born."

"Can you believe this old favorite?" Lake captioned the post. "It's been with me for years Wore it for the first time to the premiere of 'The Business of Being Born' in 2007 and here I am, rocking it once more in 2024!"

In the comments section, Lake's followers shower her with praise for her ability to preserve items for such extended periods. They also commend Lake for the strides she has made on her health journey, including her weight loss achievements, which she celebrated earlier this year.

On February 24th, Lake penned an Instagram caption detailing how she and her husband, Ross Burningham, shed more than 30 pounds each over the past four months. They had made a commitment to prioritize their health toward the end of 2023.

In the post, Lake shared a series of photos chronicling their journey, beginning with a snapshot of the couple embarking on their daily hike. She also included two images of herself captured at the onset of their fitness journey, followed by a mirror selfie showcasing her progress in workout attire to demonstrate her weight loss.

Ricki Lake reflected on her health journey on Instagram and showcased her weight loss after four months.Ricki Lake / Instagram

Lake delved further into her journey in the caption, addressing her followers directly: “I’ve been eager to update you on my endeavors over these past 4 months.”

“Starting on October 26th, 2023, I made a personal pledge to prioritize my health,” she continued. “My husband, Ross, embarked on this journey alongside me. Collectively, we've shed over 30 lbs each.”

Lake emphasized that their achievements were attained through natural means, stating, “We accomplished this without relying on pharmaceutical aids,” likely alluding to the trend among celebrities to utilize medications like Ozempic for weight-loss support.

“Not that there is anything inherently wrong with that,” she acknowledged. “However, neither of us were at risk of developing pre-diabetes, and we both felt compelled to at least attempt to achieve our goals independently.”

Expressing some initial concerns, Lake admitted, “I was a bit apprehensive that I wouldn’t be able to achieve weight loss results as I had in the past.” She attributed her apprehension to her age, 55, and the onset of perimenopause, the transitional phase preceding menopause.

“I am incredibly proud of our accomplishments. I feel invigorated. I feel empowered,” she expressed. “I'll provide more detailed insights in a subsequent post regarding the specific methods I employed, but suffice it to say, this marks the healthiest approach I’ve ever taken to weight loss throughout my lifetime.”

Since New Year’s Eve in 2019, Lake has embarked on a journey of "self-love and self-acceptance," a pivotal moment being when she shaved her head due to hair loss. Three years later, she unveiled the "raw video footage" of this transformative moment on Instagram for the first time.

"In this video, you witness my journey towards finding peace, liberation, and above all, self-love and self-acceptance," she shared. "May those facing similar struggles also find solace and acceptance. Life is too precious to dwell on negativity."

Reflecting on the four-year anniversary of shaving her head at the close of 2023, Lake emphasized that her transformation extended far beyond the physical realm.

"I confronted one of my deepest fears that day," she reflected. "I will always commemorate this anniversary, recognizing the growth and self-love that blossomed from taking that monumental leap of faith."

Before embarking on her health journey, Lake celebrated her authentic self in a June 2023 Instagram post. Posing nude in an outdoor tub, the former talk show host expressed her gratitude.

"Without a doubt, these moments are the pinnacle of my existence," she penned. "Grateful for every twist and turn that led me to this point. A place of utter self-acceptance and self-love."