Justin Bieber isn't afraid to reveal his vulnerable side online.

The pop star has shared moments of raw emotion, including photos and videos of himself in tears, as well as personal updates about his life and health, inviting his followers into the more intimate aspects of his journey.

Most recently, Bieber and his wife, Hailey Bieber, announced they are expecting their first child. On May 9, they shared a series of photos and video clips featuring Hailey in a white dress, gently cradling her baby bump. According to a spokesperson for Hailey Bieber, she is approximately six months pregnant.

This joyful news follows another significant update shared by Justin Bieber just two months prior.

In March, the 30-year-old musician revealed that he has regained mobility in his face after being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome in June. This syndrome had previously caused partial paralysis in his face.

In an Instagram story video posted on March 15, Bieber captured himself moving his facial muscles, from side to side and raising his eyebrows, culminating in a beaming smile.

“Wait for it...” he captioned the clip. The "Peaches" singer did not provide further details about his health in the post.

The singer showed off the mobility in his face via an Instagram story.Instagram/Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber first disclosed his diagnosis with Ramsay Hunt syndrome in an Instagram video in June 2023, announcing that he would be taking a period of rest and relaxation.

"I wanted to provide you all with an update on what's been happening. As you can probably tell from my appearance, I've been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome," he explained, demonstrating the lack of movement on one side of his face. "It's a result of a virus that has affected the nerves in my ear and facial nerves, resulting in paralysis on one side of my face."

"As you can see, this eye isn't blinking. I'm unable to smile on this side of my face," he continued. "This nostril doesn't move. So there's complete paralysis on this side of my face."

The singer showed how he could not move one side of his face during his June 2022 video.Instagram/Justin Bieber

Ramsay Hunt syndrome arises when a shingles outbreak affects the facial nerve near one of the ears, according to Mayo Clinic. This condition can lead to facial paralysis and hearing impairment in the affected ear.

Despite his health challenges, the singer returned to the stage and fulfilled his tour commitments in Europe, including a performance at the Rock in Rio music festival in Brazil on September 4th.

Nevertheless, the "Boyfriend" singer later made the decision to officially cancel the remaining tour dates of his global "Justice" tour to prioritize his well-being.

"After taking time to rest and consulting with my medical team, family, and management, I attempted to proceed with the tour in Europe. I managed to complete six live performances, but it significantly impacted my health," he revealed in an Instagram story in September. "During my recent performance at Rock in Rio, I gave my all to the audience in Brazil. However, after leaving the stage, exhaustion overwhelmed me, leading me to recognize the necessity of prioritizing my health at this time. Therefore, I've decided to take a hiatus from touring for the foreseeable future."