Individuals have been sustaining extreme burns due to tumbles to the ground as the United States has been enduring a heatwave of unprecedented magnitude over the past several weeks.

Medical practitioners in certain parts of Arizona state that roughly one-third of individuals in their burns centers suffered from similar injuries obtained from hitting the ground and burning themselves. Dr. Kevin Foster, director of burn services at the Arizona Burn Center at Valleywise Health, confirms this, with data from his patients.

He conveyed to CNN that despite summer typically being their busiest time of year, this particular occurrence was out of the ordinary. He noted that the magnitude of patients was greater than expected alongside the increased serious nature of their injuries.

Foster continued: In Arizona, when the sun is shining it can become overwhelmingly hot. Asphalt, pavement, concrete and sidewalks may rank temperatures up to 180 degrees [82 degrees C], close to boiling, demonstrating the intense conditions.

Additionally, Foster mentioned that exposure for a short duration can cause a noticeable injury, and that an extended time of being on the pavement can result in a complete destruction of the skin.

Individuals with third-degree burns necessitate multiple surgeries and usually remain at the hospital for a substantial period of time, ranging from weeks to months.

At fifty one Celsius, epidermal destruction is possible in two minutes. The National Institutes of Health further state that at fifty four Celsius, a third-degree burn can transpire in a mere half minute.

Phoenix has experienced 24 scorching days in a row, all above 37 degrees C, while nine other states - Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Utah, Nebraska, Colorado, and Montana - have declared heat advisories.