Regardless of whether we become parents through birth, adoption, or kinship care, we have all experienced the scenario where we only half-listen to a child who is being excessively talkative or when we are on the verge of falling asleep. This can lead to instances where we unknowingly agree to a snack only after the child walks into the room, already munching on it. Alternatively, it may result in unintentionally telling children an absurd lie, requiring us to rectify the situation to prevent them from spreading false information.

Dillon White encountered the same situation when his daughter asked if carrying a child was painful - except he misheard her query. Instead of comprehending that she was talking about giving birth, he believed she was inquiring about rabies and gave her a frightening description of the virus. His daughter was so terrified that she relayed the story to her younger sibling.

Dillon assumed that he had a handle on being a parent; however, his wife, Suzanne White, pointed out his error when she confronted him in front of a camera.

The dad didn't make sense of why Suzanne was taping until she inquired, "Why did I hear Riley communicate to Mason that I was foaming at the mouth when I was having Bailey?" Dillon giggled slightly, yet it only truly dawned on him when she noted once more that she overheard their eldest daughter telling their four-year-old son that she was foaming at the mouth while giving birth to their youngest child.

Dillon nearly choked on his food from laughter as everything suddenly clicked. Initially, he couldn't stop laughing long enough to articulate his words. While realizing his mistake and his wife starting to understand where the misunderstanding originated, both of them were unable to contain their laughter. To fully appreciate this story, listen to the parents recount it below.

Here's a lesson that teaches parents the importance of engaging in dialogue with their children before providing them with advice.


Maybe we will do better when she asks where babies come from.

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