The care a mother has for her offspring surpasses species boundaries. What makes observing other creatures demonstrate fondness for their new born so stirring is that it elicits in us this potent emotion, that can sometimes appear to transcend the world around us.

It is no wonder millions of people were charmed by the heartwarming video of a proud mama cow affectionately displaying her new calf.

The video belongs to BreeAnne Clowdus from The Good Place Farm in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. It captures her cow, Milkshake (what an adorable name!), as it takes her to a meadow to show her the newest arrival.

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Clowdus had never been absent for a birth before, but this time, he was off the farm for 24 hours. Milkshake's pleasure, therefore, was unmistakable when she spied him coming back.

At last, we glimpsed a beautiful little calf snugly tucked away in the grass. Jokingly, folks were dubbing her the "Gigi Hadid of cows."

The tranquil scene only grew more breathtaking when a radiant rainbow was seen in perfect curved form across the sky.

To tell which is more heartwarming is difficult, whether its Milkshake's pleased expression or Clowdus' affectionate compliments.

Many individuals were amazed at the strong connection Clowdus shared with her cows. "I can tell those are special cows that you sure do care for," one person commented, "and it's obvious they feel the same way for you."