After Don Burckhardt donated his blood at a Crews Subaru event in Charleston, South Carolina, he never imagined this generous act would safeguard his own life. The Red Cross attendant noticed his iron count was unusually low, so they suggested he should undergo a complete blood test.

Thanks to the blood drives put on by Crews Subaru, Burckhardt's cancer was identified in its earliest stages.

Crews Subaru has been contributing to the community through their Subaru Love Promise, partnering with 71 different charities and organisations over the last 36 months, and holding 48 separate blood drives that have impacted almost 5,000 individuals.

Don Burckhardt recounts his story as Crews Subaru demonstrates the Subaru Love Promise in practice by organizing blood drives, providing meals, facilitating pet adoptions, granting Make-a-Wish requests and undertaking other initiatives.