No matter what kind of baby animal, it's impossible to deny how cute they are - it's enough to make you want to hug them tight.

People seem to be driven by some kind of protective instinct, compelling them to rush and save baby animals they happen to discover in the wild who may be struggling to survive. Nowadays, thanks to the small cameras we carry around with us all the time, we get to capture and relive these uplifting moments.

A woman was able to film her husband rescuing a baby deer, otherwise known as a fawn amongst the more educated. The fawn was struggling to get to its mom, held back by a chainlink fence and unable to make its way to safety. That's when the woman's hubby steps in.

The man came to a stop near a fence and leapt over it to try and save a deer flitting wildly, desperately trying to make its way through the chain link. From afar, his wife's voice could be heard trying to soothe the deer, knowing that it was too far away to hear her. Meanwhile, she videotaped her husband's mission and kept an eye out on the mother watching from the border of the forest. Eventually, the man jumped on the other side of the barrier, and headed towards the fawn's direction, with a second person stopping to join him. Racing for the deer, the man ultimately manages to catch ahold of the frightened creature and carefully take it back to its mother.

Once they make it to a secure environment, the deer is set free in the meadow, scurrying away with its companion, quickly dissipating into the canopy.