On Mother's Day, a Thai father put on the attire of a mother for his adopted child.

High school Ban Noen Kroi School in Thailand recently hosted an event to celebrate Mother's Day, and one father decided to attend dressed as a mother in order to ensure that the seat reserved for his child's mother would not be empty.

Joe Lookphonbodee, who teaches Physical Education and Health Education at the school, decided to dress up as a mother so that his adopted daughter, Cream, wouldn't feel left out during the event. Lookphonbodee, who is 48 years old, didn't want his child to have an inferiority complex during the Mother's Day activities. He communicated to Bangkok Biz News that he refuses to feel remorseful as his fondness for his child is unwavering.

To capture the special moment, Lookphonbodee shared a video of the event on social media with the caption, "Mother, I can be for you hahaha." The video shows Cream paying respect to her father during the event, and later giving him a big hug with a huge grin on her face.

Cream gave a heartfelt tribute to her father at the occasion, expressing her gratitude by saying, "This Mother's Day, I'd like to show my appreciation to my father. Thank you for providing me with a life of joy and contentment."

Lookphonbodee's decision to don the attire of a mother illustrates his devotion and affection for his daughter. By not allowing his child to feel left out or different, he is teaching her the importance of acceptance and embracing who you are. This act also sends a powerful message to other students and parents that families come in all shapes and sizes, and what truly matters is the love and support that is present.

Many people have applauded Lookphonbodee for his actions, with the video quickly gaining popularity on social media. This heartwarming story serves as a reminder that love knows no boundaries and that fathers are just as capable of providing the care and support that mothers do.

Overall, Lookphonbodee's gesture serves as a beautiful example of a father going above and beyond to make his child feel loved and accepted. His willingness to step into the parental role during Mother's Day activities is a testament to the strong bond he shares with his daughter, and the importance of celebrating love and family in all its forms.