We are all familiar with films such as "Big" and "13 Going on 30". We can understand the experience of carrying an adult body, but still possessing a child's mindset. While some are better than others at allowing that inner-child in from time to time, there are moments when we all embrace the bliss and curiosity that come with a youthful spirit.

When we make space for that childlike wonderment in our lives, unimaginable things occur. Being playful is more than simply great for the spirit, it can also bring psychological advantages like heightened creativity, better management of tension, and a general feeling of contentment.

This example of remarkable hospitality from one hotel reinforces this traditional understanding of the concept. Even if the staff may not have been aware of what they were doing.

In a side-splitting TikTok video that has become wildly popular, Cole, a fully grown adult, humorously recounts his father's mischievous prank at the Kindersley Quality Inn and Suites. It seems that Cole's dad was well aware of the hotel's efforts to create a welcoming atmosphere for children, as he couldn't contain his laughter when they entered the room and discovered not only a tie-dye fort but also a teddy bear on Cole's bed.

@lifewithacole Kindersley Quality Inn and Suites out did theirselves! This is the funniest things I have seen on the road from a hotel crew! #fyp #canadatiktok #canada #alberta #edmonton #kindersley #saskatoon #saskatchewan #lovinglife #livingmybestlife #hotel #qualityinnandsuites #funny #funnymoments #prank Caramel Latte - Prod. By Rose

The fort had a set of humorous "rules," including the imperative to "defend the fort at all costs" and the prohibition on passing gas inside. It's actually a pretty legitimate rule.

One person exclaimed that the sleepover made it the most memorable for them, while others flooded in with praises for the hotel, including grown-ups who desired this kind of luxurious treatment. Take a look at the comments below:

- "I've never seen anything as cute as this!"

- "My own child would absolutely adore this!"

- "Oh my goodness... I wish I could have this as an adult too..."

- "How incredibly cool is this?!"