Many fathers have good intentions when it comes to supporting their wives, but sometimes their attempts can be unsuccessful with a simple query: "Is there something I can do?"This question often does little to alleviate the load on the mom or default parent, leading to frustration. One dad has some advice: stop asking that question.

Instead, he recommends that dads should observe their surroundings and identify the problem first. Oftentimes, it's taking care of their child which interferes with the harmony of the home. Rather than disregarding what his wife is doing and pushing more chores on her, he thinks the better solution is much easier.

Glance around and identify any tasks that require your attention. Dads stop doimg this. Take initiative and ownership over your household and SEE what needs to be done instead of asking #fatherhood #dadlife #extremeownership #parenting original sound -

He advocates for active participation and emphasizes that it is important to use your eyes to see what needs to be done. His advice is concise and revived: "If there's dishes in the sink, do them. If the floor needs sweeping, sweep it. If the children are acting up, take them outside and tire them out. If dinner is on the agenda, whip it up."

Neglecting to provide the necessary emotional and mental support can be incredibly vexing for a lot of ladies. Balancing their professional work with other responsibilities can add to their weariness. This has subsequently led to some wives voicing their displeasure towards their partners, or even bringing an end to the relationship.

Unsurprisingly, the video by received numerous comments from women who felt seen and, at times, angry. Many expressed their dissatisfaction with their partners' lack of support or initiative. One commenter lamented how her husband never asks if she needs help and watches her suffer while doing everything. This kind of behavior is draining and takes a toll on relationships.

Other women noted how groundbreaking and transformative the dad's point of view was. They commented that this shift in mindset could resolve many arguments and even save marriages. It's a simple yet significant change in approach that could have substantial benefits.

Hopefully, this video will reach more than just worn-out women on TikTok. It's a mindset shift that is achievable and can make a difference in supporting and sharing the load within a household. Dads, by taking the initiative to identify and address tasks, can alleviate the burden on their partners and create a more harmonious and equitable environment.