Kara Coley, who serves as a bartender at Sipps in Gulfport, Mississippi, experienced a unexpected phone call while at work last week.

Coley greeted the caller with a polite "Good evening!" . The woman on the line queried, "Is this a gay bar?" To which Coley responded that while Sipps welcomes everyone, it does tend to draw a largely LGBTQ clientele.

"May I pose you a query?" the caller asked. "Yes, ma'am," Coley answered. Then the dialogue took an interesting turn. "What was the one thing you wanted from your parents when you made your announcement?" the woman carried on.

Coley, having worked as a bartender for almost two decades, was slightly taken aback. She had never in all her years of service been asked something like that. Despite the many requests she had attended to, this one was a first.

Continuing her conversation with Coley, the woman revealed her son had recently come out to her. She wanted to be careful not to say anything that could negatively affect him. Coley deliberated before asking if the woman accepted her son for who he is; the answer being a positive one.

Coley offered her advice: "Let him know that you truly care and accept him!" She gave an thanked before they parted ways.

Coley chose to upload the entire conversation to her Facebook page late that night, remarking how "random". Her post gained extensive traction, receiving more than 1,500 likes and multiple shares over the following days.