Michael B. Jordan pleased fans everywhere by becoming the most recent celebrity to show off their body in a Calvin Klein campaign.

Michael B. Jordan, 36, showed off his toned chest and abs while modelling pieces from Calvin Klein's 1996, Athletic, and Modern Cotton Performance underwear lines for the Mert & Marcus-shot black-and-white photoshoot.

Snaps of Michael, in his boxer briefs, showing off his impressive biceps, taking off a white tank top, and looking stunning, were taken.

Once the campaign was shared on Instagram, it drove followers to a frenzy. One person made a joke about their girlfriend being "one step closer" to leaving them after seeing the images. Another person commented exclaiming "Mother of god!" and a third fan wrote, "Babe, I'm a little bit jealous, please delete".

Michael had previously revealed what he did to get into shape for his role as Erik Killmonger in Black Panther. He told a press event that he had to put everything he had into getting into shape and becoming Killmonger. He said he was doing weapon training, gun training, and a lot of mixed martial arts. He had already been working with his trainer, Corey Calliet, prior to Black Panther, as they had worked together on Creed.

Eventually, Michael was able to gain 10+ pounds of muscle. He mentioned at a press conference to Men's Journal that he had put on around 15 to 20 pounds. Once again, fans will be able to see the results of his hard work in the upcoming Creed III movie.