Usher and Beyoncé have a long history together, to the extent that he felt responsible for keeping her out of trouble.

In anticipation of his upcoming Super Bowl halftime show, the "Yeah" singer was questioned by host Shannon Sharpe on the latest episode of "Club Shay Shay" regarding rumors that he used to be Beyoncé's nanny when they were younger.

"First of all, how can I be a nanny? I'd be a manny," Usher quipped before setting the record straight that he wasn't Beyoncé's nanny. However, he did acknowledge that he had to supervise her and her former group members.

"Daryl Simmons, a producer and musician, had a group called The Dolls, and they came to Atlanta for the first time," Usher recounted. "This was before Destiny's Child became Destiny's Child. I think I watched over them while they were doing something in the house."

"I had to watch them because I was like the authority figure since I was a teenager at the time," Usher continued, explaining that he was ensuring they didn't get into any trouble while they were in the house.

Throughout the years, Usher and Beyoncé have collaborated on various occasions. Beyoncé was featured in Usher's song "Love In This Club (Remix)," and she joined him on stage to perform "Bad Girl" during one of his 2005 concerts. On the flip side, Usher showcased his dancing skills as he appeared as a dancer in Beyoncé's "Naughty Girl" music video.

While speaking with Sharpe, Usher expressed that he recognized early on that there was something truly remarkable about Beyoncé and her girl group.

"Destiny's Child, they all thrive, even to this day. When you see them together, they're an incredible unit. Beyoncé possesses a talent, brilliance, and brightness that is truly exceptional," he remarked, later referring to her as his "sister."

"To see that she's done so amazingly well, continuing to thrive and grow bigger and better," he remarked. "Whether it's in music, life, creativity, or all of it."