Travis Kelce's father, Ed Kelce, revealed Taylor Swift's enduring impact on him. Speaking to the Los Angeles Times on February 10 before Super Bowl 58, where the Kansas City Chiefs would compete against the San Francisco 49ers, Ed Kelce shared insights into Swift's frequent attendance at Chiefs games throughout the season since she started dating his youngest son last year.

Ed Kelce acknowledged the excitement that ensues when Swift is seen at the games, stating, "Every game, there’s a crowd outside the front of that suite trying to catch a glimpse of Taylor, eager to meet her." He added, "Taylor is very gracious, but she can't accommodate everyone. She has security personnel who prioritize her safety. She understands that and respects their guidance."

However, Ed Kelce emphasized, "If it were solely up to her, she would be out there with everyone who admires her."

Due to her relationship with Travis Kelce, Swift has had the opportunity to meet more members of his family, including his older brother, Jason Kelce, and his wife, Kylie Kelce. She has also spent time with Donna Kelce, the matriarch of the Kelce family, and Ed Kelce's girlfriend, Maureen Maguire.

Swift and Maguire developed a rapport early on, sparked by a humorous exchange where Maguire jokingly warned Swift that Ed Kelce was her boyfriend when they posed for a photo together.

From the outset, Ed Kelce recognized Swift as a grounded individual and astute businesswoman. He referenced her commencement speech at New York University in May 2022, where she was awarded an honorary doctorate of fine arts. "Listening to that speech, you truly understand who Taylor is, beyond the superficiality of social media and tabloids," he remarked. "That's just celebrity gossip. This is the authentic Taylor."

In previous interviews, Ed Kelce has shared anecdotes about the "Karma" singer, including a recent recollection of a moment when he couldn't quite recall her name.

During a conversation on Audacy's "92.3 The Fan in Cleveland," Ed Kelce humorously admitted to feeling "like a real idiot" when he struggled to remember Swift's name during their interaction at his NFL star son Travis Kelce's home. He described how, before a Kansas City Chiefs game in Missouri, many of Travis's friends would gather at his house while Travis himself was already at the stadium preparing for the game. "When Travis has a lot of friends coming into town for the game, everyone meets at his house, even though he's not there," Ed Kelce explained, mentioning that there was a shuttle service to transport everyone to the game.

Ed Kelce elaborated that during any given home game, the house could easily accommodate around 20 people. As a father, he admitted that while he might have met some of them, he often struggled to recall their identities.

He then recounted the moment when Swift entered the house. "Taylor walks in with a security guard, and I look at her... and I had my girlfriend with me," Ed Kelce recalled. "I whispered to Maureen, 'Oh my god, I know this kid but I can't remember her name.' Like a real idiot," he chuckled.

His girlfriend then exclaimed, "'You don't know her? This is Taylor Swift, you idiot.'"

Although Ed Kelce didn't specify the exact game when this incident occurred, he and Swift have been photographed together on multiple occasions while in a suite at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. These instances include games on October 12 and December 25, 2023.

The hosts, Andy Baskin and Jeff Phelps, teased Ed Kelce, quipping, "That would make you a father."

In contrast, someone who appears to be well-informed about Swift is Travis Kelce's mother, Donna Kelce. Since Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship became public, the two women have been spotted sitting together at several games.

During an appearance on in October, Donna Kelce briefly touched on her son's personal life, stating, "It's fairly new, so I don't like to talk about it. It's just one of those things where, obviously, everybody saw me. I was in the boxes with her, and it's just another thing that's amped up my life."

Donna Kelce, who is also the mother of NFL Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, recently shared with how both sports and Taylor Swift fans have warmly embraced her.

"Everyone who has approached me has been incredibly gracious and supportive, expressing their love for my boys," she stated. "What mother wouldn't want to hear that?"

When she attends events, especially if she's seated near Swift, all attention and cameras seem to focus on them — a situation she finds amusing.

"It's quite funny that they're following an older lady," she joked. "But it's obviously because of my sons and their connections, so I completely understand the allure. Still, I'm just a regular mom like anyone else."