When individuals come to the aid of creatures, they don't always anticipate a reward. A great many animals have been through cruel treatment, some of which are still in the process of healing and require extra care and attention, while others may be so scared of people that they can't human contact. It's almost impossible to know beforehand what sort of animal one will come across in a rescue mission.

Some reason or another, Irvin the donkey takes pleasure in pursuing his guardians in his area and his human father emboldens his frolics. Since Irvin originally arrived at the Solstice Sanctuary in Wisconsin, the donkey was unable to move and had to be taken out of the trailer. That circumstance cannot be seen today.

The previously fearful and reserved donkey is now lively and cheeky, keeping his people on guard for any pranks.

Obsessed would be an understatement to describe the relationship between Irvin and Bradley; it's like two kids playing at all times. I always have to shout out, 'Bradley, don't let him do that!' but he and Irvin won't stop.

Angela and Bradley eventually opted to get Irvin something to take out his energy on- an immensely large beachball. The beachball is just about equal to the size of the donkey, but that doesn't stop him from giving it a good kick and chasing its movements. On the other hand, Irvin is also fond of cuddling with his humans and when Bradley is away, he manages to sneak into the house for some tasty treats.

If you've never seen a donkey take pleasure in acting like a pampered pet dog frolicking with his favorite person, watch the video for a glimpse of its joy.