With a playful attitude, Aubrey Hirsch, a writer and illustrator, asked her Twitter followers what the single thing is that almost all men like, as she had been crafting a comic and realized that she did not have any knowledge of men in the real world. This tweet sparked a large number of comical answers.

Hirsch is the writer of “Why We Never Talk About Sugar”, an anthology of short stories, which have been featured in The New York Times, Child, American Short Fiction and Time.

What was interesting about the replies was that they weren't the typical male stereotypes. She didn't get a lot of comments related to sex, sports or machoism. Instead, many people discussed particular habits of men as if they had encountered an unusual creature in nature.

Two activities got the most comments on her post. Generally, men like to throw heavy objects in bodies of water, preferably with bigger rocks and from the tallest point possible. The other is to observe construction sites, which is so popular in Italy that it has its own name.

When it comes to the question of, "What's a universal thing that most men like?", here are 6 of the greatest reactions.