Leonardo DiCaprio is allegedly "annoyed" with the ongoing quips that he only dates women younger than 25 – he apparently wants a "mature relationship".

It appears that the 48-year-old Hollywood actor is hoping to "abandon" the notion that he only dates young models, and appears to be concentrating on finding a "genuine" relationship.

It has been noticed that Leo, the actor from 'Titanic', has never had a public relationship with someone over the age of 25, and is known to end things with his partners as they approach 25.

Just weeks after Camila Morrone's birthday, he broke off the relationship and was spotted with a few models such as Victoria Lamas and most recently Eden Polani.

According to an insider close to the actor, he is trying to find a relationship similar to the two-year romance he had with Camila – someone he was reportedly "ready to marry." A source from MailOnline disclosed that Leo is presently single and is not interested in the media's claims that he is pursuing younger women. Furthermore, the source made clear that he is looking for something more substantial in the realm of his love life. They went on to say that Leo is "disturbed that this continues to follow him," and he wants to put an end to this image permanently. When the photo of DiCaprio and Polani surfaced, people were surprised and took to Twitter with jokes and memes.