Rachel Dratch, the renowned actress and comedian, recently entertained audiences with a delightful and humorous revelation about an anxiety dream involving her former Saturday Night Live (SNL) co-star, Seth Meyers. During her appearance on Late Night, Dratch shared the amusing details of a dream that unfolded after learning she would be visiting Meyers' show.

Dratch, who graced the SNL stage from 1999 to 2006, began by confessing the unexpected stress dream that plagued her in anticipation of the upcoming Late Night episode. As anxiety can manifest in various ways, Dratch's unique expression of it took the form of a dream where she found herself on the verge of marrying Seth Meyers.

In recounting the dream to Meyers, Dratch humorously described the awkwardness of the situation, emphasizing that they hadn't discussed the impending nuptials at all.The lack of prior conversation made things quite awkward. In a jesting manner, I pondered, "Should we be sending each other texts about this?"The dream scenario unfolded with the duo supposed to tie the knot that very night, leaving Dratch feeling uneasy about the unplanned ceremony.

As Meyers burst into laughter at the absurdity of the dream, Dratch, with a twinkle in her eye, assured him, "Not that you wouldn't make a fantastic husband!" For clarity, Meyers has been happily married to Alexi Ashe, a human rights attorney, since 2013.

Adding a comedic twist to the dream, Dratch revealed that it involved a crucial oversight on the guest list. In the dream, SNL creator and boss Lorne Michaels was accidentally omitted, prompting Dratch to exclaim, "There was all sorts of things. I was like, 'Wait! We didn't invite Lorne [Michaels]!'" This inclusion of Michaels, a pivotal figure in the SNL world, was classic for an anxiety dream associated with the iconic sketch show.

Dratch continued to regale Meyers with the dream's absurdities, mentioning forgotten shoes and incorporating every imaginable trope associated with wedding-related stress. The dream, she humorously noted, had to include Lorne Michaels, as he always does in SNL anxiety dreams.

Seth Meyers, a fellow SNL alum who served as a cast member and head writer from 2001 to 2014, added his wit to the scenario. He jestingly proposed that a more humorous rendition of the dream would involve Lorne experiencing an anxiety dream about you and me getting married without extending an invitation to him.