An innovative Greenlandic startup, Arctic Ice, has embarked on a unique venture of harvesting ancient ice from the Arctic fjords and transporting it to Dubai for use in upscale cocktail bars. Co-founded by Malik V Rasmussen in 2022, the company aims to tap into the demand for pristine Arctic ice, renowned for its purity and slow-melting characteristics.

Arctic Ice extracts ice from the fjords of Greenland, utilizing a specialized boat with a crane to select specific pieces that have had no contact with the glacier's bottom or top. This "black ice," transparent and pure, is then carefully collected in blue plastic crates, transported to Nuuk, and subsequently shipped to Dubai in refrigerated containers.

The company contends that its ice is environmentally friendly and socially valuable, emphasizing its untouched state for over 100,000 years. The fjords around Greenland, typically filled with icebergs, serve as a natural source for Arctic Ice's unique product. Despite facing criticism for its venture, Arctic Ice maintains that its environmentally conscious practices contribute positively to Greenland's green transition.

Eimskip, an Icelandic shipping company, transports the refrigerated containers from Nuuk to Denmark. From there, another ship carries the precious cargo to Dubai. In Dubai, the local distributor Natural Ice sells the Arctic Ice to exclusive bars, positioning it as a premium offering for sophisticated cocktails.