Back in the day, making a kid sit on Santa's lap was a thing, even if it made them totally uncomfortable. But, hello, it's not the Stone Age anymore! Parents today are all about respecting their kids' boundaries, and making a kiddo sit on Santa's lap against their will is a one-way ticket to the naughty list.

That's why people are loving this one Santa who totally gets it. A little girl named Adley straight-up told him she didn't want to sit on his lap, and guess what? He didn't push it. This awesome exchange turned into a viral lesson on consent.

Adley's mom, Katie Love, was so impressed that she asked Santa to repeat what he said so she could record it. And what did he say? "This is her body, and she’s in control of her body." Santa even praised Adley for standing up for herself and made it clear that the rule applies to him too – no means no.

The video blew up on TikTok with 2 million views, and people couldn't stop cheering for Santa. Comments like "We love an educated Santa" and "he’s meant for this job. He’s a good one" flooded in, showing that everyone was on board with Santa's cool attitude.

This isn't your traditional Santa who pressures kids into awkward photos. Nope, this Santa gets that traumatized kids don't make for great pictures. Some folks thought Adley looked a bit uncomfortable, but turns out, she was just wondering if she'd still get the purple bike she asked for. And when Santa reassured her, you could see the smile coming back.

So here's to Santa, the modern-day hero, making sure kids learn about consent and feel respected. This Christmas, he deserves some extra cookies and milk for being awesome and spreading good vibes!

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