We share everything with our closest friends, don't we? Yet, even when you know your friend's most intimate secrets, it doesn't always ready you for what they might disclose without prompting. In Mary Howe's case, she discovered an unusual quirk about her best friend during their 4 AM journey to the airport—an unexpected revelation. Notably, Howe's friend happens to be a biologist, adding a potentially relevant detail to the story.

En route to escort her friend for the departure flight out of town, the about-to-take-off buddy disclosed an urgent need to return home to attend to her pet praying mantis. While this revelation initially caught Howe off guard, it was the additional detail that the praying mantis had laid eggs on the ceiling of the apartment, left unattended, that prompted Howe to question her friend's sanity.

However, the peculiar pet saga had only just commenced, marking one of the most bizarre pet stories on the internet.

"At four in the morning, my mind wasn't ready to grasp the tale of her pet praying mantis, discovered outdoors and brought inside, laying eggs on her ceiling. To add to the oddity, they unexpectedly hatched during her visit with me. Consequently, upon returning home, she now has the task of gathering hundreds of baby praying mantises in her bedroom and returning them to the cage," Howe discloses.

@maryhowe23 My bestie is a biologist and tbh i still couldnt have guessed any of this conversation. #tooearlyforthis #prayingmantis #waterbug #why #help #foryourpage Chopin Nocturne No. 2 Piano Mono - moshimo sound design

The friend had more to share. She informed Howe about her pet water bug, measuring three to four inches, occasionally escaping its cage to devour tadpoles. At this juncture, Howe appears both alarmed and perhaps a bit worried about her friend's mental well-being, especially when the friend attempts to elucidate the presence of tadpoles in her bedroom.

Evidently, she's in the process of establishing her own bug and amphibian petting zoo, albeit without the necessary permits. The comments section, as expected, offers amusing analyses of the best friend.

"I think your best friend needs to stop touching grass," suggests one commenter.

"Your friend has Disney princess energy, but for bugs instead of forest mammals or birds," notes another.

"Bug girls are so casually unhinged," remarks another commentator.

However, one individual poses the million-dollar question, "Mama...what bugs did she bring into your house?" Hopefully, the response is none, as Howe appears unenthusiastic about harboring random yard bugs in her bedroom.