Miley Cyrus shared the heartbreaking music video for her single "Used to Be Young." In the clip, Cyrus takes time to ponder her party-filled days and accept that she is no longer the same individual she had been.

The lyrics for "Used to Be Young" were posted by Cyrus on social media prior to the release of the track.She revealed that the words were composed roughly two years ago when she was undergoing her personal development. At that time, she felt misunderstood and wanted to share her perspective through her music. Cyrus has spent the past 18 months working on her new music to create a sonic picture of her journey. She believes that the song will continue to evolve and write itself every day, making it an unfinished yet beautiful piece of art.

In a press release, Cyrus described the song as being about honoring one's past, loving oneself in the present, and celebrating the person one will become in the future. She expressed gratitude to her loyal fans for their unwavering support and stated that the song is dedicated to them.

The music video for "Used to Be Young" is a minimalist presentation of Cyrus strolling along a dark passage. The imagery is reminiscent of her earlier music video for "The Climb." Cyrus abruptly stops right in front of the camera, wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt that brings back memories of her days on the Disney series "Hannah Montana." Throughout the video, Cyrus sheds tears while singing the emotional lyrics of the song but ends with a smile, seemingly accepting her past and reminiscing fondly.

With reference to the music video, the artist said, “It was incredibly moving for me because I'm like a mini-version of my mum and I could observe her through the camera, using a technology that let us both witness each other. Her dancing stirred up many real emotions; it produced both tears and joy. This let people in to actual emotion, which is something we don't get to see often at present."

Cyrus' new single "Used to Be Young" was released following the March debut of her album "Endless Summer Vacation". Its chart-topping single "Flowers" was included on the album. Coinciding with its release, Cyrus' Disney+ special "Endless Summer Vacation: Continued (Backyard Sessions)" was broadcast on ABC and later made available for streaming on Hulu.

Overall, "Used to Be Young" reflects Cyrus' growth and evolution as an artist. The emotional lyrics and visuals showcase her journey of self-discovery and acceptance. This song serves as a reminder to respect one's past, cherish the current moment, and anticipate the future.