Paramount+ has announced that a new NCIS spinoff series featuring Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly is set to begin production this year. The duo, known for their roles as Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo in the original crime procedural, will return to the screen in this new venture.

Ziva David, portrayed by de Pablo, left her post at NCIS during the tenth season but made brief appearances in subsequent seasons. Tony DiNozzo, played by Weatherly, also left the series after season 13 to care for their daughter, Tali, before Ziva's apparent death in season 13. However, Ziva's survival was revealed in season 16, leading to a brief return in the subsequent seasons.

The upcoming series will chronicle Tony and Ziva's journey as they face life's challenges together, caring for their daughter Tali while fleeing across Europe following an attack on Tony's security firm.The show promises to be filled with action, romance, danger, and laughter, as the couple tries to uncover the identity of their attackers and rebuild their trust in each other.

Apart from their acting commitments, Weatherly and de Pablo will also fulfill the roles of executive producers alongside showrunner John McNamara for the series.They expressed excitement about bringing this story to life, acknowledging the passionate fanbase that has supported the "TIVA" relationship over the years.

While de Pablo has pursued other screen roles since leaving NCIS, Weatherly is also known for his role in the CBS courtroom drama Bull. The actor faced controversy in 2018 when allegations of sexual harassment surfaced, resulting in the departure of his co-star Eliza Dushku and a subsequent settlement with the network.