When Caitlin Clark takes to the court, fans find it impossible to divert their attention. This is because the Iowa Hawkeyes guard is currently in the midst of a remarkable, record-breaking streak in NCAA basketball. On February 15, the 22-year-old achieved the title of women’s career scoring leader, amassing 3,617 points and counting. She is now on the verge of breaking another record – for all-time points earned by any NCAA player, regardless of gender.

However, while she is busy establishing herself as the biggest star in college basketball, Clark has a devoted off-court admirer in the form of her boyfriend, Connor McCaffery.

Curious about him? Read on to discover more about the man who has stood by Clark's side as she creates basketball history.

He has a famous father

Connor McCaffery is the son of Fran McCaffery, who has served as the men’s basketball head coach at the University of Iowa since 2010. In an interesting dynamic, the senior McCaffery also coached his son during Connor McCaffery's time with the Hawkeyes.

He was a double threat for the Hawkeyes

Aside from playing basketball under his father's coaching, Connor McCaffery also managed to juggle his commitments as a player for the Hawkeyes baseball team. Balancing these two passions was undoubtedly a challenging feat for him.

Rick Heller, the University of Iowa's baseball coach, spoke highly of McCaffery's potential at the plate. However, he acknowledged the difficulty of the situation, stating to Hawk Central, "It’s just really hard for a guy to play Power Five basketball in the Big Ten, where it’s physical and you get beat up, then have to show up 20 games into the baseball season and be ready to go."

A change of Pace(rs)

After completing his studies at the University of Iowa in 2023, McCaffery secured a position with the Indiana Pacers, currently serving as a team assistant.

Describing his role, he mentioned to the Des Moines Register, "I’ll play dummy defense, run the scout team, help coaches on film stuff, help on video projects if they need, scouting reports if they need. It’s kind of all-hands on deck, whatever you’re asked to do, be ready to do it."

This move provides him with a valuable opportunity to pave the way for a potential coaching career, perhaps following in his father's footsteps. Reflecting on his aspirations, he stated, "It’s a way in. It’s an entry-level job. You’ve got to work hard and work your way up. That’s obviously what I want to do."

Instagram official romance

Although the details of their relationship's origin and timeline haven't been publicly disclosed by Clark or McCaffery, the couple made their relationship known on Instagram in August 2023. Clark posted a series of photos featuring the two of them cuddled up on a boat, marking their official debut on the platform.

In the caption accompanying the photos on her Instagram, Clark wrote, "Best end to summer."

McCaffery, on the other hand, chose a special occasion, Clark's birthday on January 22, to feature her on his Instagram.

In his Instagram post on her birthday, McCaffery expressed, "Happy Birthday 22 🤞🤍," referencing both her age and the number on her jersey. He continued, "Wish I was there to celebrate with you — you deserve the best day ❤️ Golden Bday / T Swift year will be the best yet. With all that you’ve already accomplished, there is so much more in store for you and your special self. I admire you in every way and I love you.”

Their height difference

Standing at 6 feet tall, Clark is taller than most women, especially those not involved in basketball. However, her 25-year-old boyfriend, McCaffery, surpasses her in height, towering over her by 6 inches.

She’s not the only Hawkeye he’s rooting for

Connor McCaffery's younger brother and former teammate, 23-year-old Patrick McCaffery, continues to be a member of the Hawkeyes men's basketball team.