Social media has been buzzing about a mysterious "dinner box" deal at McDonald's, leaving many customers wondering if it's too good to be true. A TikTok video by user Leiela Kapewa-Latu (@xolovelei) went viral after she documented her experience ordering the seemingly secret menu item. The clip, which has amassed over 12 million views, showed Kapewa-Latu asking a McDonald's employee for a dinner box and receiving a feast for a surprisingly low price.

TikToker Unveils Budget-Friendly Feast

In the video, Kapewa-Latu inquires about the dinner box and is met with a positive response from the McDonald's worker. The TikToker then films herself revealing the bounty within the box: two cheeseburgers, four small fries, a 10-piece Chicken McNugget order, and two Big Macs – all for a mere $12.19. This price point is particularly attractive considering recent headlines about McDonald's pricier menu items.

Real Deal or Regional Mystery?

The video sparked excitement among viewers, but also skepticism. Many commented about their own attempts to order the dinner box, with some facing confusion from McDonald's staff. Others expressed disbelief at the price and portion size.

McDonald's Clarifies the Confusion

McDonald's has since weighed in on the dinner box phenomenon. The fast-food giant confirmed that such deals do exist, categorized under "Shareables" on their app. However, McDonald's also clarified the franchise model, explaining that individual locations have the freedom to set their own prices and promotions. This explains the inconsistency in customer experiences across different McDonald's restaurants.

Finding Your Dinner Box

While there's no guarantee a dinner box will be available at every McDonald's, the video highlights the potential for hidden deals. The company recommends downloading the McDonald's app and signing up for their rewards program to access exclusive offers and browse "shareable" or "bundled" deals specific to your area.

So, is the McDonald's dinner box a real thing? The answer depends on your location. It's always worth inquiring about such deals during your next visit, and don't forget to check the app for hidden gems!