U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has expressed concern over the media scrutiny surrounding Catherine, Princess of Wales' health, stating that it has resulted in her being "unfairly treated" on social media.

Sunak released a statement extending his well wishes to the princess following her announcement of undergoing chemotherapy. In a video shared on March 22, Kate revealed that doctors discovered the presence of cancer after her abdominal surgery in January.

"My thoughts are with the Princess of Wales, Prince of Wales, the Royal Family, and especially her three children during this challenging period," Sunak wrote in a post on X. "The Princess of Wales has the love and support of the entire country as she continues her recovery."

The Prime Minister also commended her "remarkable bravery" in the face of weeks of speculation and conspiracy theories regarding her health and whereabouts.

"In recent weeks, she has endured intense scrutiny and has been unfairly targeted by certain segments of the media globally and on social platforms. In matters of health, like any individual, she deserves the privacy to concentrate on her treatment and be with her supportive family," Sunak expressed.

Kate's last public appearance took place during the Christmas season. Kensington Palace announced on January 17 that the princess had undergone a planned abdominal surgery and was not expected to resume public duties until "after Easter." The palace indicated that she would likely remain hospitalized for 10 to 14 days but did not disclose further details about her condition.

The lack of public sightings fueled viral speculations about Kate and the royal family. Earlier this week, a U.K. newspaper reported that at least one staff member at the London Clinic, where Kate underwent surgery, allegedly attempted to access her medical records.

Following Kate's release of the video detailing her ongoing chemotherapy treatments, social media users who had engaged in spreading the viral rumors are now retracting their statements. Within an hour of the video being shared on the princess's official social media accounts, "Kate Middleton" became one of the most trending topics in the U.S. on X.

"I hope every conspiracy theorist feels awful," commented one individual on X Friday.

"WHEN will yall learn not to turn people’s real lives into conspiracy theories when you don’t have enough information to know what’s actually going on behind closed doors," another commenter posted.

Actor Jamie Lee Curtis addressed the conspiracy theories just hours prior to the posting of Kate's video by Kensington Palace.

"Can we please cease with this ridiculous conspiracy theory? This individual is a human being with young children, and evidently facing some form of health challenge. This is a private matter," Curtis expressed on Instagram.

She reiterated her stance following Kate's disclosure of her diagnosis, appending an "afterword" in the comments section of her post.

"Now that Princess Kate has shared her health status, let's extend nothing but our sincerest well wishes to her and her family. Let's redirect our attention to our own lives, the lives of those close to us, and the numerous life-threatening issues affecting our children that demand our focus," she wrote.

Besides celebrities and social media users, Kate's treatment announcement garnered support from her father-in-law, King Charles III, who himself had been diagnosed with cancer earlier in the year.

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace stated, "Charles is immensely proud of Catherine for her bravery in speaking out as she did."

The statement also mentioned that Charles has maintained "constant communication" with Kate since their shared time in the hospital. The palace disclosed the king's diagnosis on February 5, revealing that it was discovered during a procedure for prostate enlargement, clarifying that it wasn't prostate cancer but refraining from specifying the exact type.

The statement concluded by affirming that Charles and Queen Camilla "will continue offering their love and assistance to the entire family during this challenging period."