Lisa of BLACKPINK has concluded her five special appearances at the renowned Crazy Horse Cabaret in Paris, with high-profile attendees from all over the globe gathering to witness Lisa’s sensational performance in the highly-acclaimed show, Totally Crazy.

In celebration of 70 years of Crazy Horse productions, Totally Crazy enlisted the help of renowned global star Lisa to introduce their new production to audiences worldwide.

The fact that Lisa had five consecutive sold-out shows and a bustling crowd eagerly waiting outside the venue for a mere glimpse of her testified to the successful accomplishment of their goal.

Among the notable personalities present at Lisa's Crazy Horse show was Woody, a Thai MC. He later posted a comprehensive recap of the event on his Instagram, specifically for BLINKs.

According to Woody, Lisa had been a Crazy Horse admirer for some time and had long viewed performing with them as a formidable feat. Realizing that she was in the prime of her life at 26, she was determined to seize the opportunity and make her dream come to fruition.

As confirmed by Woody, the Crazy Horse team was ecstatic to have a global sensation grace their stage. They were especially impressed by how Lisa's participation contributed to a spike in ticket purchases and a newfound excitement surrounding the show among a younger crowd.

Woody praised Lisa for her exceptional vocal skills and the unique flair she added to her performance which proved her versatility as an artist. It took courage for her to break out of her comfort zone and confidently display her boundless abilities.

As Woody concluded his recollection of the evening, he disclosed Lisa’s mom’s thoughts on the production.

According to Woody, Lisa's mother was the loudest in her encouragement during the performance, constantly cheering on her daughter. But when the show came to an end, Lisa's mom amusingly confided to Woody, “I anticipated it would be more alluring than this!”

Lisa’s mother was not the sole significant spectator of that evening. Online users speculated that Lisa purposely postponed the show’s commencement for BLACKPINK’s Jennie, who arrived on a tardy flight from Korea just in time to attend Lisa’s last performance.

Rosé and Jisoo from BLACKPINK were in attendance at one of Lisa's earlier performances, demonstrating their unwavering support for each other's individual endeavors.