Have you ever experienced slow or spotty Wi-Fi in your home? If so, it may not be your router's fault. The objects you have placed near your router could potentially be causing interference and disrupting your Wi-Fi signal. Here are some common objects that you should avoid placing near your router if you want to maintain a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection.

1. Tanks of water: Whether it's a fish tank or any other large container of water, these objects can absorb radio frequencies and block your router's signal. Even rainfall can affect the signal outside your home, as water droplets can absorb the Wi-Fi signal, resulting in lower coverage.

2. Metal objects and mirrors: Big mirrors or other metal objects near your router can deflect the Wi-Fi signals as they bounce off the surface. Despite being in close proximity, your devices may experience connectivity issues in certain areas of your home due to signal dead zones.

3. Microwaves: Microwaves emit small amounts of radiation and can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal. Microwaves and Wi-Fi both operate at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.Heating up food in a microwave can temporarily disrupt your Wi-Fi connection on certain devices.

4. Large objects: The Wi-Fi signal from your router can be easily obstructed by large objects, causing a loss of signal strength. The Wi-Fi radio waves are significantly shorter than those typically used for radio transmission. Maintaining an unobstructed connection between your router and devices can enhance the strength of your Wi-Fi signal.

5. Cordless phones: If you still have a cordless phone at home, keep in mind that they operate at a similar frequency as Wi-Fi routers. Placing these devices side-by-side can result in slow connection speeds and interference.

6. The presence of wireless headphones, speakers, and other Bluetooth devices near your router can cause interference with Wi-Fi signals. Keeping Bluetooth devices away from your router can help improve the Wi-Fi signal quality.

7. Electronic devices: Other electronic devices such as baby monitors and fluorescent lights can emit frequencies that interfere with Wi-Fi signals. Keep your router away from any irrelevant tech or devices that it's not directly connecting with to avoid signal disruptions.

By avoiding placing these objects near your router, you can help maintain a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection in your home. If you find that you are still experiencing slow Wi-Fi, consider repositioning your router to a more central location in the house or investing in Wi-Fi extenders to boost signal strength in areas with poorer coverage.