Lenny Kravitz, known for his bold fashion choices, made headlines on April 9 when he shared a video of himself doing a vigorous workout wearing leather pants, a sheer shirt, boots, and sunglasses.

In his post, he wrote, “Thank God for today! Grateful. Never been better. There are no shortcuts so seize your day. It is all possible. Love!”

Following the viral video, Kravitz revealed why he prefers to work out in full rockstar attire, except for one particular situation.

“I usually work out in leather pants or jeans and boots, except when I'm doing cardio,” Kravitz explained to Variety. “For cardio, I wear sweats because I’ll be sweating a lot. But when I'm lifting weights, I don’t sweat as much.”

He elaborated, “Sometimes I'm coming from somewhere or going somewhere, and I just don’t care. I'll pop in, spend 45 minutes hitting it, and then head off to my next destination.”

Kravitz clarified that his unique workout attire isn’t for show. “I didn’t do it to be different or make a statement. It’s just me walking in off the street,” he added.

According to a representative from Equinox, Kravitz filmed his viral workout video at the gym’s Hudson Yards location in New York City.

YEPPOST.com can verify that Kravitz often wears his signature rockstar outfit while working out, as this reporter has personally witnessed him in similar attire during exercise sessions.

In response to his post, Kravitz’s fans and even fellow celebrities had fun with his workout look and fitness dedication.

One top comment from @andy._.social humorously reads, “Reasons why I haven’t started working out: 1. I don’t own any leather pants. Yea that’s it.”

Fellow musician Whiz Khalifa commented, “Damn bro, I need better gym fits.”

Comedian Arsenio Hall joked, “This post makes my back hurt!”

DJ/producer D-Nice chimed in, “Man! Boots and leather pants while working out is crazy! Always on brand!”

What does Lenny Kravitz do to work out?

In a Men's Health cover interview in 2020, Kravitz shared how he maintained his workout routine in the Bahamas during the pandemic. He mentioned following a home version of his long-standing training regimen, which has been a constant since the late 1990s when he began training with Dodd Romero in Miami.

Kravitz described his typical workout routine, involving fasted cardio in the mornings, weightlifting throughout the day, and additional cardio sessions before bed.

During his interview with Variety, Kravitz addressed criticisms from fitness experts regarding the exercises in his viral video.

“I know what I’m doing, and so does my trainer. I understand my body, its capabilities, and how it feels, and everything is going well,” he stated. “I’ve trained alongside elite athletes, including NFL and NBA stars, MLB players, wrestlers, and boxers. I won’t drop names, but they’re recognizable figures. They can attest that I take training seriously.”

Kravitz recounted an incident when his tour bus arrived at a gym after a leg of his tour, where he met Romero, his trainer of over 25 years.

“The athletes at the gym saw me walking in with my trainer, wearing jeans, a belt, boots, and whatever shirt I had on, and they chuckled, thinking, ‘We’re going to work out with this rock star guy?’ They teased me,” he recounted. “But then I outperformed them. They didn’t see it coming.”

What is Lenny Kravitz's style?

Lenny Kravitz photographed near his home on Sept. 16, 1991, in Malibu, California.Paul Harris / Getty Images

Kravitz is well-known for grabbing attention with both his fitness routine and his unique sense of style.

During his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on March 12, his daughter, actor Zoë Kravitz, playfully teased him about his appearance.

"Since you were practically a child when I was born, we've essentially grown up side by side. We've experienced a lot together. We've witnessed a lot. Well, I've seen a lot," she quipped. "I've witnessed your unwavering support for the people you care about. I've observed your remarkable commitment to your craft."

“But mostly I’ve seen through your shirts,” she added jokingly, as her dad and the crowd laughed.

Lenny Kravitz with then-wife Lisa Bonet and daughter Zoe at a press conference in Lincoln Center, in New York City on 1989.Vinnie Zuffante / Getty Images

Zoë Kravitz playfully added, “As per my dad, if it doesn’t reveal your nipples, it’s not considered a shirt. It used to make me cringe when he picked me up from school like that, but now, I have to give credit where it’s due. You truly own it.”

Over the years, Lenny Kravitz has been captured in various outfits showcasing his unique and diverse style, often incorporating leather into his looks.

He's become synonymous with wearing shirts unbuttoned to reveal a deep V-neck or even opting for a crop top. Additionally, he's known to go shirtless at concerts or on red carpets, displaying his well-toned physique.

Zoë and Lenny Kravitz in New York City on Dec. 6, 2004. Evan Agostini / Getty Images