Kyle Richards revealed that as part of her weight loss transformation, she has removed alcohol from her diet./p>

Richards mentioned that she doesn't have a "plan" for when she'll start drinking again. The Bravo starlet noted that it will be seven months on February 15 since she abstained from alcohol.

Another curious fan asked Richards if she would drink a cocktail once RHOBH begins filming season 13, and she answered, “I don't plan to.” “I'm very fond of my peloton!” she replied to one social media user. “I'm employing it around 3 times a week now and I used to do a few strength training sessions but not anymore. I do enjoy an arms and intervals course when I don't have much time.”


After beginning the new year with a sizzling bikini selfie, Melissa Richards (known for her role in Little House on the Prairie) had social media abuzz. Questions arose as to whether she had taken Ozempic, a medication for type 2 diabetes, to aid in her weight loss. She quickly responded, saying, "I have never tried ozempic, and this is not from plastic surgery. I did have a breast reduction in May. I'm honest about what I do."

"After a 3 week trip to Europe and a week in Australia, I had gained a lot of weight, and I was like, ‘Okay, that’s enough’. I cut out sugar, carbs and alcohol, and I initially thought it would only be for a short while, but the results were so good that I decided to stick with it. Now that I’ve achieved my weight loss goal, I’ll have the occasional birthday cake or pasta, but mostly I just eat protein, vegetables, fruit and carbs occasionally. I also have fruits and vegetables all the time, and I really like cereal."

Kyle Richards told Us that she turns to the gym to manage her anxiety. “If I’m in a bad state or feeling down, alcohol would be the opposite of what I should do since it makes me feel even worse,” she stated. “Thus, when I want to feel better and I’m stressed, I just focus on exercising.”