On Thursday, February 23, the 32 year-old ex-Teen Mom OG star responded to her fans' questions on her Instagram Story, one of which was, “How are you healing post-surgery? All good?” Fortunately, she gave a positive answer, saying, “Healing is fine.”

She further stated: “I had two big operations in the last couple of months and I think that going under general anesthesia for so many hours has had an impact on my body that I have not wanted to accept … but I'm now four weeks post-op and am beginning to heal.”

The star also answered a question regarding surgery, when a fan asked, “What kind of surgeries did you have?” Palin wrote back, “I had a botched breast reduction when I was quite young … I've had a succession of operations to address the resulting issues — like scars, muscle tissue, and so on.”

Sharing a bit much right now, but I recently underwent my 9th breast reconstruction operation – that's right, NINTH – because of the mess-up with my breast reduction when I was 19. I've had operations to attempt to correct the damage from that and the bad scarring. All of this has really made me feel uneasy my whole life as an adult. Fingers crossed that this is the last surgery I require.

Palin, who has Tripp, 14, with ex-fiancé Levi Johnston, and Sailor, 7, and Atlee, 5, with ex-husband Dakota Meyer, has been open about the medical treatments she has gone through, including a tummy tuck in 2018. In an Instagram video in May 2021, she brought attention to the issue of comparison, captioning it, “Way [too] easy to compare ourselves on here, just a reminder not to.”

"Let's get real for a second. I post angles that I want you to see, not ones reflecting my insecurities or scars. Here's something I don't show - the scar from my tummy tuck. Don't let comparison take away your happiness; don't let this place judge your worth."