Jamie Foxx is back in the spotlight and doing well following a medical difficulty he experienced in the beginning of the year.

The Academy Award-winning actor was witnessed giving back a woman's lost purse recently in Chicago, after having some practice at Top Golf.

The kind act was partially recorded and distributed through TikTok.

In the video, Foxx is seen moving towards the woman to deliver her purse.

The title on the video declares, "My mum lost her bag in Chicago and Jamie Foxx returned it. He was feeling great, thankful to the Lord for His goodness."

On Saturday, the 55-year-old actor could be spotted swinging a golf club while chatting with his acquaintances.

A source commented to PEOPLE that Foxx seemed to be in a good mood, appearing vibrant and not requiring any aid.

TMZ revealed footage of Foxx displaying his golf stroke during his break from the week.

According to the source, the floor was not completely exclusive as there were other people present.

His companions were looking out for him during the night, like guardians.

He was present at the party for a few hours and tipped proudly, leaving behind $100 with a $200 invoice still remaining.

To cultivate summer vibes, Foxx captured an epic photograph of him on a boat and posted it to his social media with the caption "Living the boat life and celebrating summer together with @brownsugarbbn. Much love!"