Former fans recently reported to The Huffington Post that YouTuber Colleen Ballinger, known as Miranda Sings, was accused of misconduct and inappropriate behavior. Allegedly, the now 36-year-old used to discuss sex with her viewers through a group chat called "weenies" and even inquire about the sex lives of her younger fans; Adam McIntyre being one of them.

The HuffPost report prompted the reappearance of old compilations of Colleen's live performances as Miranda Sings on social media, with commentators lambasting their supposedly improper nature. Consequently, Colleen placed a new song titled "Toxic Gossip Train" on her YouTube channel. In the tune, she confessed to conversing with her admirers in group conversations, expressing that it was not ever scandalous. She held that her detractors were fabricating untruths and gossips for recognition and capitalizing on her collapse. Also, she rejected one of the disputed clips as a jest.

Colleen's composition caused a lot of disturbance, with viewers expressing their dissatisfaction over her attempt to make light of grave charges through music. It was theorized that she did this to lay claim to copyright on any person who had clips of the song featured in their clips, as is allowed by YouTube's copyright rules.

Colleen has been determined to establish her copyright by uploading her song to CD Baby, a website which aids independent musicians so that they can receive financial compensation through platforms such as YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify. Ethan Klein of the H3H3Productions YouTube channel pointed out that she is claiming it against other creators.

Proof of one of Ethan's YouTube videos displaying a clip of Colleen's song led to a Content ID claim being made against it. This will give Colleen the ability to benefit financially from Ethan's video.

Incensed, fans deemed Colleen's apology inauthentic for her attempt to not only make money from her apology but also, to stake her copyright over those who criticized her.

Colleen has refrained from giving any public comment on Ethan's tweet or the newest controversy.