Almost 120 billion pounds of food are lost in the US every year. Not only does this leave many people in the country food-insecure, but the associated wastage of resources is also having a devastating effect on our environment. Much of this waste can be attributed to mismanagement of resources.

We need to eliminate the gap between food waste, the environment, and those in need. This will allow us to create sustainable food systems and provide food to those in need. Project Drawdown has discovered that cutting down on food waste provides the most efficient solution to resolve climate change.

The beginnings of Spoiler Alert emerged when I connected with future business partner Emily Malina whilst I was studying at MIT Sloan during 2013. Taking into account my knowledge and prior consultancy with brands/retailers for carbon, water, energy and garbage matters and Emily's skill set of technology use and supply chain reform, we realized there had to be an answer to the food waste dilemma companies face. It was then we chose to initiate Spoiler Alert.

Spoiler Alert is a B2B waste prevention solution to assist CPG companies in correctly handling surplus and short expiry inventory. Such stock emanates from a variety of sources such as extra manufacturing, failed inventions, seasonal products or special offers.

By putting together a sales and supply chain platform, producers are given procedures, pricing knowledge, and networking skills to effectively lower the unsellable inventory that won't be offered to their regular customers and prevent needless waste.

Years later, we’re privileged to be partnered with some of the most successful companies on the planet - including Campbell Soup Company, Danone North America, Mondelēz International, Nestlé, and Kraft Heinz - and to have a dedicated group that takes the same prioritisation of priorities like ours. Aiding our cause is not just a matter of providing software solutions, but Spoiler Alert's remote-first model shows that their aim is to foster diversity, thoughtful policies, and to contribute to local communities. We carry out volunteer activities every three months, linked to related to our work on food waste, and we are members of Pledge 1%.

Through our platform in 2022, manufacturers sold 325 million pounds of food they would normally have discarded. The same amount of food could be said to be equivalent to 270 million meals, or nearly 13,000 cars off the road for an entire year.

At present, we are concentrating on connecting with new businesses to improve their inventories. Moreover, the same approaches utilized for food items, such as health and beauty products possessing expiry dates that would typically end up as waste, could be advantageous.

Together with our committed customers, we are striving to have a positive effect on procedures, individuals, and the environment.