Britney Spears is back in the recording booth.

Reports point to the 41-year-old vocalist preparing to collaborate with Black Eyed Peas rapper once more, a full 10 years after their popular single, Scream and Shout.

This track serves as proof of Will's admiration of Britney's talent and of his aid during her hardships.

Britney and Will's relationship is defined by the love and esteem they have for one another. Moreover, their trust in each other's musical experiences is evident to a source close to The Sun on Sunday's Bizarre column. Will is devoted to Britney's success and they are both eager for their newest music to be well-received by the fans.

The project has yet to have a set release date, or for that matter, an official notice for the same, however it will be taking place soon afterwards of the greatly awaited return of the Toxic vocalist with Elton John, which came after her father's managing control of her life for 13 years.

During his chat on Good Morning Britain, he clearly displayed his unwavering faith in Britney. He shared "We have done some pretty remarkable things together. She's started on a new chapter and is really showcasing her talent. Thankfully there are still lots of people who offer her their support and encouragement."

It almost goes without saying that I adore her devotion to music. Her gentle yet impassioned nature is something to marvel at. I have no doubt she will be successful.

The singer of Baby One More Time caused a stir after there were claims that the security team of NBA athlete Victor Wembanyama struck her when she attempted to talk to him in an eatery earlier this month.