Will Smith took a humorous look back at the 2022 Oscars slapgate in a new TikTok video he posted on Tuesday.

Actor Smith, 54, responded to a TikTok where the user suggested viewers to ask items and their owners questions.

He posted a video on social media that seemed to be a humorous allusion to his Oscars-night altercation with Chris Rock from the previous year.

Not long before this year's Academy Awards, the video went live, with a TikToker heard stating, "I'm gonna tell you something unbelievable. It may sound ludicrous, yet it will surely bring more delight and pleasure to your life."

You may not be aware, but you can take any item and ponder on it, inquiring what its opinion of you is. To illustrate, take a pen and internally question it on how it perceives you, then wait for the response from your intuition, he added.

The Pursuit of Happiness star attentively heard the TikToker's directions and gave a nod of agreement.

His face showing worry, he gracefully takes up his Oscar trophy before silently rotating to face the camera. This is where the video ended.

After his unfortunate experience at the previous year's Academy Awards, many of his followers flocked to the TikTok comment box, expressing their belief that he had moved forward.

One user said, "It's great to have you back! No more mea culpas PLEASE," and another remarked, "That's the Will Smith that everyone loves. Keep striving, I'm with you."

Will Smith's renowned slapgate incident:

Last year's Academy Award event was made remarkable to outsiders by Will Smith's behavior. Chris Rock had likened Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith's wife who has alopecia, to Demi Moore's bald character "GI Jane," provoking the actor to yell, "Keep my wife's name out of your expletive mouth"

Later on in the night, Will Smith was rewarded for his performance in King Richard with the Best Actor award, met with a standing ovation from the audience.