When it comes to millennials and Gen Zer’s, they tend to be grouped together as the “young group.”Having said that, it is easy to see that these two generations are not the same.

Despite the fact that it can be hard to discern between them due to the prevalence of Y2K fashion, from a millennial perspective, it appears that our methods of dealing with life differ. This is especially evident in our behaviour when it comes to shopping, socializing, self-expression and even when visiting the hair salon.

Hairdresser and owner of Rex Artistry Salon in Maryland, Alexis Rex (@rex.artistry) made a funny and insightful TikTok video which compared the personalities of her millennial and Gen Z clients - and it's been a big hit!

First, Rex took on the role of a Millennial Customer.

Millennial Customer gently knocked on the door, expressing her gratitude. “Hey girl! So wonderful to see you! Can't contain my excitement!” She then quickly added, “Where should I put my purse? I'll just put it in my own corner so I don't cause any trouble.”

In regards to her hair, she didn't want anything that was too noticeable. "I don't want it to be too vibrant or flashy. Simply a subtle change.” After showering the hairdresser with compliments, she'd also ask a few questions on how to maintain the style.

Next, Rex took on the persona of a Gen Z Customer.

Gen Z Customer rushes through the door with a loud “Hey queen!” as if a storm had blown in (no time for knocking!), and she's ready to dump her things anywhere. In contrast to her millennial counterpart, Gen Z Customer is quite comfortable taking up space without feeling bad about it, and even appearing with hair “that hasn’t seen a brush in a month.” She knows precisely what she desires, and it’s anything but understated. “I wanna do something really strong, with bold contrasts...I wanna look like a totally different person. Let's do it.”

Rex's post quickly gained traction, garnering 8.6 million views and prompting a multitude of comments marveling at the accuracy of her imitations.

Millennials especially reacted, with many of them commending its truthfulness in depicting the way millennials can feel obligated to apologize for simply being alive.

Even though there are differences between each generation, there is something to gain from one another. As well, there is a shared appreciation for a great hair style. Moreover, Rex has ensured that her Gen X and Boomer clients are not left behind, as she has uploaded several videos of her imitating them as well as offering some new hair looks on her TikTok account.