Since joining the platform this summer, a former Missouri teacher with an OnlyFans account has earned nearly $1 million.

Brianna Coppage, a former teacher, recently disclosed to Fox News the astonishing sum she has earned from her adult content.

For the last five years, Coppage had been working as a teacher, spending her most recent two years at St. Clair High School as an English instructor. However, after her school administrators found her OnlyFans account, she was put on leave and later resigned.

With a yearly teaching income of $42,000, Coppage shared that her main motivation for creating an OnlyFans account was to tackle her student loan burden.

Coppage said:

Missouri ranks among the states with the lowest teacher salaries in the nation. The district where I was employed is also known for having one of the lowest pay scales within the state. Given the current circumstances, I find myself facing financial challenges, especially with student loans to repay. Having multiple degrees in education, earning extra money would certainly be advantageous.

With only her teaching salary, Coppage would have needed to work for almost 24 years in order to match the amount of money she has made in less than six months on OnlyFans.

According to Coppage, her OnlyFans account now boasts tens of thousands of subscribers, and she has surpassed her teaching salary for the entire year.

Coppage mentioned that she has successfully paid off all her student loans, car loans, and credit card debt, which has given her a sense of freedom. She acknowledged that as a teacher, it would have been impossible for her to pay off all those debts.

Despite her OnlyFans account featuring sexually explicit content, Coppage made sure not to show her face in order to protect her identity as a teacher.

After a link to her OnlyFans page was shared on a St. Clair community Facebook group, the school district became aware of Coppage's content.

Once her page garnered significant attention, both locally and nationally, Coppage realized that she could no longer continue teaching and made the decision to resign.

While Coppage clarified that she never promoted her content to her high school students, adults in the community consistently bring up the subject.

While the adults in the community continue to promote it, Coppage has not introduced it to students. This situation is unacceptable to me. The original intention was never for students to encounter it. Some may argue, "As a high school teacher, it was inevitable for them to discover it." That may be true, but I maintained anonymity and did not use my real name.

Coppage has no qualms, despite expressing her nostalgia for her students and grieving the end of her time as a teacher. She firmly believes that teachers should be adequately rewarded if they are expected to adhere to high standards. Moreover, she stands by the belief that everyone deserves a personal life beyond their job.