An Australian man who looks remarkably similar to Ryan Reynolds was surrounded by fans at an airport. Shaun Birley, a fashion content creator and travel presenter, documented the experience in a video at a Taiwan airport.

Throughout the video, he was approached by 14 different people who wanted to take selfies with him. In the caption of the video, Birley pondered how he could inform them that he is not actually Ryan Reynolds.

In an interview with Australian morning program 'Today', Birley explained that he initially tried to be honest about his true identity, but people mistook it for him declining to take a selfie. Instead of correcting them, Birley decided to go along with it and even told fans that he loves doing movies.

Commenters on the video questioned if it was not strange that he has an Australian accent, expressed anticipation for the moment when someone finally informs the fans that he is not Ryan Reynolds, pointed out that Ryan Reynolds would not be sitting at the gate, and recognized that Birley had brought happiness to many people. Some even imagined the social media posts that fans would make about meeting Ryan Reynolds.