Hannah Ferrier is enjoying life since Below Deck, along with her husband Josh Roberts and daughter Ava.

Ferrier opened up about her connection with Roberts during the filming of season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean, remarking to the cameras in 2020, "This is beyond a doubt the first time that I can picture us staying together and perhaps marrying, having a family and raising kids."

Later that season, Captain Sandy had to let Ferrier go. On the night of the launch of season 5, Ferrier made the big announcement of her pregnancy, and later welcomed their baby daughter.

After a month of parenthood, Roberts proposed marriage and the two solemnized their nuptials in March 2022 with their daughter Ava in attendance.

Before their special day, Ferrier acknowledged that she isn't currently entertaining the idea of having another child. While Josh has expressed the desire to grow their family, Ferrier would need to give it more thought. She still has vivid recollections of the distress she felt during labor, which has left her unsure about the matter.

Ferrier, who is undecided about having more children, has recorded her experiences with Roberts and their young daughter.

In October 2023, Ferrier expressed her love for her daughter Ava in a heartfelt Instagram post that included a video with pictures.

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