Emma Hayes has been chosen as the next head coach for the U.S. Women's National Team (USWNT), a decision that has already gained approval from players. The news was shared during a meeting called by Chelsea coach Emma Hayes on November 4, surprising many, including Chelsea forward Mia Fishel. Fishel, who joined Chelsea because of Hayes, expressed excitement about the impact Hayes could have on the USWNT, citing her coaching style, adaptability, and commitment to winning.

Despite the anticipation, Hayes will not officially take over the USWNT until the Women's Super League (WSL) season concludes in May. She aims to finish her tenure with Chelsea on a high note by pursuing a Champions League title. The USWNT, currently ranked third in the world, is looking to rebound after a disappointing performance in the recent World Cup, where they suffered an early exit in the round of 16.

Fishel, having experienced Hayes' coaching at Chelsea, believes that Hayes is the right choice to lead the USWNT through a transformative phase. Chelsea teammates teased Fishel about the acquisition, playfully suggesting that the U.S. always gets what it wants. Despite the excitement, Fishel acknowledges the bittersweet nature of the transition, as players often spend more time with club coaches.

Hayes visited the USWNT during their recent training camp, outlining her vision for the team's future and emphasizing her commitment despite not physically joining until the spring. Players, including Sophia Smith and Lindsey Horan, expressed enthusiasm about Hayes' leadership, describing her as a breath of fresh air and a motivator. The team is optimistic that Hayes can guide them to success, especially after witnessing her achievements at Chelsea and experiencing her inspiring approach during meetings.

The USWNT, seeking a fresh perspective after the World Cup setback, believes that Hayes' coaching style, adaptability, and focus on building relationships align with their goals. Players are eager to work with Hayes, confident that she can elevate the team to new heights and bring a winning mentality. Despite the challenges, including making adjustments during games, the players believe that Hayes is the right coach to lead them to success, and they look forward to the journey under her leadership.