In an effort to confront the accusations of being a narcissist, Tom Sandoval has chosen to take a test facilitated by Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Sandoval, 41, and Pinsky, 65, got into deep conversation on the latest episode of "Everybody Loves Tom" podcast, which aired on Thursday, October 26. They touched on various subjects like Sandoval's parents' divorce and his persistent sexual insecurities, and Pinsky took it a step further by administering a test to evaluate if the reality star displays narcissistic behavior.

Dr. Pinsky shared the results of Sandoval's narcissism test, revealing that there was no indication of narcissistic behavior. The purpose of the test is to identify specific traits, rather than diagnose a disorder. In this case, the results showed that Sandoval scored very low. Pinsky noted that the only aspect where he scored slightly higher was in vanity, which makes sense given his interest in his appearance. However, this trait is neither good nor bad; it is simply a way to measure something Sandoval takes interest in.

Despite being surrounded by narcissistic cast members on the show, Sandoval was taken aback when he was accused of being one himself. During a podcast appearance with Tom Schwartz, he shared that he had observed and recognized narcissistic traits in others, but asserted that he did not share those traits.

After their open dialogue, Pinsky noted how Sandoval appeared to exhibit codependent tendencies. "You seem to lean more towards codependency than narcissism," he clarified. Pinsky went on to describe codependency as a concept rather than a diagnosis, saying it can make it difficult for individuals to stand up for themselves and set boundaries. Additionally, he pointed out that due to his empathy, Sandoval may feel the need to fix others' pain, but it's important for him to distinguish between his own pain and others' pain.

Following the end of his nine-year relationship with Ariana Madix in March, Sandoval has been introspecting about his actions that led to the demise of their relationship. In a recent appearance on the "Howie Mandel Does Stuff" podcast, the Schwartz & Sandy's cofounder shared his astonishment at the vast coverage and attention surrounding the incident, acknowledging that it was unlike anything he had encountered before.

Following the breakup, 29-year-old Sandoval and Leviss chose to go their separate ways rather than pursue their romance. Sandoval has made this tumultuous period in his life a catalyst for a new approach to dating. "I've had to make it clear to the people I date that I am very transparent, loving, and open," explained Sandoval on Thursday. "I prefer to first build a friendship and connection before things get too serious. I need to take time to avoid jumping into another committed relationship too soon."

During his conversation with Pinsky, Schwartz, aged 41, chimed in with his thoughts on codependency. He admitted to being "lightly" codependent and confessed that his Minnesota upbringing may have played a role in his consideration of others' feelings, which can sometimes have adverse effects. Although he acknowledged that his approach may not be compatible with reality TV, he applauded Sandoval for promoting mental health awareness. "Personally, I find solace in snowboarding, my dogs, and exploring new cultures and cuisines while traveling," Schwartz shared.