The epithet "the happiest place on Earth" is bestowed upon Disneyland, chiefly due to its staff - above all, the performers. Yes, the attractions are exhilarating, but a large part of the enchantment is being able to encounter the real-life counterparts of characters we've loved on the silver screen.

Applauding the Evil Queen's special interaction with an autistic teen, the people are honoring her as the park's real hero. With her and others making sure all can partake in the fun, it serves as a reminder of Disney's enduring charm.

A TikTok clip portrays the Evil (or perhaps not so evil) Queen walking up to 15-year-old Thomas and offering to let him touch her cape.Thomas' video got a lot of support online, including other parents who had had similar experiences, and those who were uncertain about taking their own autistic children to the park.

The reason why many love Disney is evident; it provides an environment in which parents can bring their autistic children and not feel like a burden. One parent shared, "I can take my son and he is welcomed, not an annoyance.” Another said, "I haven't taken my kids yet, but I appreciate the cast members being so considerate."