Josh Mileham's restaurant "hack" of making a quick quesadilla using a tortilla and shredded cheese under a sizzling fajita platter has sparked debate on the internet.

In a viral TikTok video, the 37-year-old father of four from Texas demonstrates the trick to his children, who seem impressed by the result. While his son Colton gives a thumbs up after trying the quesadilla, reactions from TikTok users vary.

Some viewers appreciate Mileham's cost-saving and creative approach to enhancing a restaurant meal, while others express concerns about food safety and etiquette. The video has stirred discussion about the boundaries of using restaurant equipment for DIY cooking and the potential impact on restaurant staff.

Overall, Mileham's restaurant "hack" has generated mixed reactions, showcasing the diversity of opinions within the online community.

  • “This is child abuse honestly. You’re barely giving these kids enough food to qualify as a snack.”
  • “We need more of these!! I’m here for it. Makes room to go out to eat more often.”
  • "I grew up extremely poor and this brings me so much joy."
  • "OK, but having worked in the restaurant industry, those wooden boards do not get washed."
  • “You eating good but you’re giving your poor kids scraps.”
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Josh Mileham's resourcefulness continued as he shared another TikTok video on May 7 from a Texas Roadhouse restaurant. In this video, he ordered a pulled pork sandwich and French fries, showcasing the substantial size of the meal.

Mileham then creatively used rolls from the complimentary bread basket to make pulled pork sliders for his children. Despite the negative comments from his previous video, he remained undeterred and shared this new "hack."

The video ends with Mileham's wife, Callie, zooming in on the receipt, revealing that the meal cost $17.30 with an additional side of fries. The couple left a $20 tip, showcasing their appreciation for the service provided.

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Josh Mileham's approach to dining out resonates with many families who prioritize being frugal and minimizing waste. He emphasizes that his family prefers not to have leftovers, which informs his creative strategies for maximizing meals at restaurants.

Despite facing criticism from some viewers, Mileham remains focused on sharing money-saving tips and practical hacks on social media. For instance, he suggests ordering a large specialty drink at a coffee shop and requesting multiple small cups so each child can enjoy some. He also has plans to share tips on how to eat affordably at places like Panda Express.

Mileham's goal is to show families that dining out can be budget-friendly without sacrificing quality or satisfaction. He aims to empower those who may feel limited in their dining options due to financial concerns, emphasizing that it's possible to have a satisfying meal out for a reasonable price.