Bill Nye is gearing up for the upcoming solar eclipse with flair.

Prior to the rare phenomenon scheduled for Monday, April 8, the engineer and television personality sat down with Time Out New York to discuss the optimal methods for safely enjoying the eclipse — all while sporting extraordinary attire.

"I strongly urge everyone to seize that day, to take that midday journey up the road. Venture into the totality," he advised. "If you're not quite within the path, it's simply not the same."

Despite noting that the eclipse's duration will be a mere three minutes and 18 seconds, he emphasized its significance as a must-see event.

"It's a transformative experience," Nye asserted.

He disclosed his intention to witness the instant when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun in Texas, at the Planetary Society's Eclipse-O-Rama celebration.

"Do not let this eclipse pass you by. It's a significant event. The next occurrence won't be for another 20 years. You cannot predict where you'll be or if you'll have the opportunity to witness it. So, seize this moment," he urged his followers.

Nye underscored the necessity of wearing specialized eclipse glasses for eye protection. However, for his Time Out New York photoshoot, he opted for an array of vibrant sunglasses to complement a series of flamboyant outfits.

At 68 years old, Bill Nye showcased a variety of outfits that diverged significantly from his usual attire of blazers and bow ties. In one photo, he exuded confidence in an orange puffer vest, loose cargo pants, and boots, while giving his best smoldering look. In another shot, he playfully pretended to throw a punch at the camera, dressed in a chain and an all-black tracksuit.

The photo shoot, shared by both Time Out New York and The Planetary Society, the nonprofit organization headed by Nye, garnered immense attention on Instagram. Fans couldn't get enough of Nye's bold new style.

"Bro dropped the hardest editorial pics for the solar eclipse. ATE," one exclaimed.

Another chimed in, "BILL NYE SWAGGER AND DRIP??? Leave some coolness for the rest of us, William."

A different Instagram user added, "Bill Nye lookin kinda FLY."

Many echoed the sentiment that the science guy was "serving" and "in his baddie era," while some playfully teased his typically buttoned-up persona.

"Bill Nye is like, 'bouta flex the periodic table on y’all, show you a real chemical reaction," one joked.

Another fan appreciated seeing how much the educator has transformed since his emergence as a household name in the '90s with his show, "Bill Nye the Science Guy."

"I love that I grew up with him in science class and get to see him be just as badass as he ages," she remarked.