Surfing is a skill rarely held by many. It requires a substantial amount of core strength, stamina, and swimming capability to venture out into the sea and ride a wave. Although someone may be great at the sport, falling off the board is still part of the experience. Usually, experienced surfers can get back up with no aid, but sometimes they need a helping hand.

Experienced surfer Salvador Villas-Boas had been riding the swells at Nazaré, Portugal, when he was thrown off his board and into the sea close to some rocks. Most likely something he was no stranger to, but the waves were immense and he had only moments to avoid a colossal 100-foot wave coming down on him.

A wave of such magnitude could have been fatal, but fortunately, pro jet ski rescuer Ramon Laureano was close by, able to come and take hold of the surfer to drag them to safety. The entire rescue on video.

The video presents Villas-Boas swaying in the sea as the swell increases. Promptly, Laureano arrives on his jet ski, seizing the hand of Villas-Boas and swiftly escorting him to the rear of the watercraft. A feeling of tension is created as the wave grows, but once Villas-Boas is on the jet ski, Laureano takes off. The two men are now in a race against the clock, with a gigantic 100-foot wave hovering them.

Villas-Boas and his companion are thrown into chaos as the huge wave crashes down on them. The jet ski driver keeps the engine going full speed, but the rescue only lasts a few minutes, resulting in the jet ski capsizing and the men having to complete the journey by swimming.

With his extensive background in big wave surfing, Ramon pulled off one of the toughest rescues at Nazaré. Pedro Miranda, who captured the scene, mentioned to Greek Reporter that Ramon was undeniably a hero.