Airline Corendon is ushering in an area in which kids are prohibited.

As of 3rd November, passengers aboard the A350 service from Amsterdam to Curacao in the Dutch Caribbean will have the chance to use the exclusive 'Only Adult' zone.

The area at the frontline of the aeroplane will encompass nine XL seats that offer extra legroom, and also 93 standard seats. Protection to make the flight tranquil and comfortable will be given through the usage of walls and curtains to define this part of the plane apart from the remaining section.

Travelers of at least 16 years old may reserve a place in this space, with a fee of 45 euros ($48) for conventional spots and 100 euros ($107) for XL ones.

The Dutch-Turkish carrier exclaimed that this section of the aircraft is tailored to those without kids and to business persons needing a place to work peacefully. It also provides a convenient and stress-free experience to parents with kids who may be concerned about any disruption their child might cause.

Atilay Uslu, founder of Corendon, stated to Airways magazine that they always strive to satisfy every customer's needs while on board. Furthermore, as the foremost Dutch airline, they created the Only Adult zone to satisfy travellers in search of additional calmness during the flight. This could also benefit parents with smaller children, who can fly without being concerned about the noise their kids may cause.